Integrated Incident Management Solutions

VectorCommand is an international operational incident management and training company, delivering the integrated incident information management software solutions of choice for crisis management professionals in the emergency and security services as well as in the nuclear, chemical and oil & gas industries. The company has built a reputation for its development of highly innovative technologies for supporting collaborative and coherent ways of working.

Command Support System

CSS is an extremely powerful technology platform that solves a common problem for emergency commanders and managers around the world – how to deliver and share a Common Operational Picture across emergency services and agencies during incidents of all sizes to improve situational awareness, collaboration and response effectiveness.

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Vector CTA

Vector CTA (Command Training and Assessment), is an advanced, industry-leading virtual reality/3D and artificial intelligence-based training system for fire incident commanders, which is not only highly effective and intuitive to use but has been proven in many fire and rescue services around the world.

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Vector TES

Vector TES (Training & Exercising System), is an automated exercise delivery system stimulating all means of communication to provide effective, repeatable and affordable delivery and evaluation of realistic and robust exercises and crisis simulations.

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